Monthly SEO or Once-Off SEO Services?

SEO Services on a Monthly SEO or Once-off SEO Basis? What Your Website Requires to Rank

Let’s be honest for a moment: not all services are made equal.

When it comes to SEO services in Cape Town, South Africa, some companies offer once-off seo work while others do full-fledged seo services (like us).

To be clear, a once-off service should be enough if all you need is a temporary fix for a small problem. But the harsh truth is that there isn’t a good quick fix for SEO.

There are a lot of new services in the marketing industry right now, which might make some of our clients, like you, wonder why they need to pay for monthly SEO services when John Doe down the street is offering a one-time SEO service that could do the same thing.

It’s a good question, and the answer is that ongoing SEO is the better service; it’s the full-fledged reconstructive surgery your site needs to rank.

In marketing paradise, there is a place where you can get a one-time SEO service. It’s really easy up there. All you have to do is pick keywords for each page, write content for each keyword, and build your site on an SEO-friendly CMS (Content Management System). Then you can sit back and watch your pages start ranking.

In the real world, however, your website’s SEO needs a plan that changes over time and constant management. Many people don’t know much about Search Engine Ranking, so it’s not surprising that so many business owners fall for the sound of one-time marketing.

So, let’s talk about why we only offer ongoing SEO services in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Is once-off SEO harming your business?

Local SEO

As a consultant for SEO, I’ve heard everything there is to hear about SEO investments. Maybe people can just click along on your website, and someone will find you. You might want to spend money on SEO, but it all looks a little scary. No matter what your reason is, we’ve probably already talked about it.

So, you’ve taken the plunge and finally decided to get your website’s SEO in order, but you only want to pay for once-off SEO optimization because, well, SEO doesn’t do much, does it? Can’t be that hard or take that long, right?

No, SEO isn’t all that hard.

Doing it well and getting results is what is hard. There are a lot of companies out there that say they can do all of the above, but when their clients find out they can’t, they don’t trust them again.

When it comes to SEO, many clients want a “one-time shot.” They want someone to clean up their website, fix any problems, and get them noticed on Google. One-time SEO optimization is the term for this. It also hurts your website in a bad way.

Please let me explain.

Think of your website as the car you drive. When you buy a car, the garage checks to make sure everything works well. You drive away, and a year later, it’s time for a service. Some small problems are pointed out.

Since they are small and you don’t want to spend any more money, you decide to ignore them. After a few months, the small problem you didn’t solve has become a big one. And the big problem has now cost a lot more than the small one. The worst part is that your car no longer works. Your car doesn’t work anymore, and you got a big bill instead of a small one.

It’s the same thing as SEO.

A once-off SEO boost will make your website look nice and probably be easier to find. Until Google comes out with one of its many upgrades, which makes everything worse. Or, your website isn’t mobile-friendly anymore, or that WordPress plugin isn’t supported anymore, or your keywords have changed and no one is looking for you anymore.

Your website’s ranking goes down, putting you on page 1000 and costing you a lot of sales and business.

You’d be better off if you’d put money into SEO and kept your website looking good and up to date, wouldn’t you?

Using low-cost monthly seo packages keeps you in the search results where you want to be. It makes sure your website works well and is a great investment for your business.

Why is monthly SEO better?

Digital PR - SEO backlinks - 19Digital

Once off SEO can help you move up in the search engine rankings for a short time.

As more competitors enter the market with new information, new content, and a different way of doing things, your rankings from a one-time SEO service can quickly disappear as you move from page 1 to page 2 and then disappear.

A consistent SEO plan has been shown to work, and we look at 5 key reasons why a monthly SEO plan works for long-term rankings and online visibility on Google search.

1. Search engines change

Changes are coming to search engines. Every day, not once a year, not twice a year. This is the main reason why you need to keep up with SEO services if you want to rank well.

Google makes new, more advanced changes every day in an effort to give its searchers the best possible experience. These changes could hurt your site right away.

But when you pay for ongoing SEO, you’re paying for a team of highly skilled SEO ninjas to learn what Google’s new algorithm wants so they can fight the change that could hurt your site. Once they understand how it works, they can start optimising your site to keep its ranking stable.

2. Content that is good for SEO

Content that’s good for SEO Google wants to get more and more information. Google wants content that is new, relevant, and optimised for keywords, not just any content.

Google’s search algorithms like sites with a good mix of new, original, and updated content that gives searchers the right information. The best way to profit from this preference is to cater to it.

We put a lot of weight on keyword-optimized blogs at 19 Digital. So you can always make sure that your website is optimised for your most important keywords.

3. A plan for building links

Plan for building links is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO is how you go about building links. This is also only possible with an ongoing SEO service, since it requires adding new links and backlinks to your site every day and every month.

This tells Google that your website is real and important because other websites are linking to it. Think of link building as a form of advertising, with the websites that link to you as your representatives.

Don’t you feel more likely to trust a company when you see a lot of qualified people promoting it all the time? Google is no different. All of this comes down to trust. The more trustworthy sites that link to your site, the higher Google will put you in its rankings.

4. Appropriate SEO Implementation

Using SEO the Right Way To be honest, this is a huge SEO killer for many businesses that do their own SEO to save money. SEO is not an easy job.

In order to keep or improve your search engine ranking, you need a SEO specialist(s) working on different parts of SEO for your website.

You could be given every SEO ranking strategy in the world, but if you don’t have the time, support, and practical know-how, it usually takes businesses four times as long to get half the results. So, a monthly SEO service may be just what you need if you want to save both time and money.

5. Your customers change, and so does the software they use.

Both your clients and the software they use change over time. If you’ve been paying attention to the online world lately, you may have noticed that every month, a lot of new tech businesses open.

Every once in a while, one of them really takes off, and people start going to these new social sites in droves. What we mean is that search patterns don’t stay the same; they change all the time, and people find your business every day by using different terms and platforms.

We stay ahead by constantly analysing how people use your site and any possible trends, and then making sure that our SEO strategy is in line with how people use it.

Without monitoring every month, this SEO plan could not be put into action. That’s just the very tip of the iceberg. The truth is that SEO is a method that is always changing. When you stop paying for SEO services, you no longer show up in search results for your most important keywords. Simple. When clients don’t realise how important our SEO services are and stop using them, they lose their hard-earned ranking position in a matter of weeks. We’ve seen this happen many times.

We are SEO experts in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to make and use the most up-to-date, complex, and effective SEO services.

So, you can try John Doe’s one-time SEO service if you still want to after reading this. But if you want a long-term strategy that will get you better rankings, more traffic, and a pretty good return on investment, we offer ongoing SEO services in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and we have an SEO strategy ready for you.

Harmful SEO Myths

SEO myths are hard to prove wrong. Four of them are bad enough to hurt your brand and limit how much money it can make. Read on to find out which SEO myths are the most dangerous.

Myth 1: SEO can be done once.

You only need to optimise your website’s content for search engines once to get high rankings. It’s not that easy, though. SEO is more like a marathon than a sprint. There are many reasons for this, such as:

First of all, search engines like Google like new and useful content. They try to give users the best search results possible. The Google algorithm also doesn’t like old things. Because of this, you should always check, change, and add to your material. But the most important thing is to keep it current. This includes both improvements in technology and new links between different parts of the system.

To get to the top, make sure your website is always up to date with the latest technological advances. This means following the latest rules for the Internet, like the HTTPS protocol. Don’t forget that ranking factors include how easy it is to use on all devices and how quickly it loads.

Once you have a high rating, it is unlikely that you will keep it for a long time. The rankings on Google are now updated all the time. This means you should always look over your content and keywords and make sure they are the best they can be. Don’t forget that the competition never goes to bed.

Myth 2: SEO is easy.

SEO can be taught to anyone. You just need to write down a few keywords and buy some backlinks. In practise, search engine optimization means finding the right balance between more than 200 different ranking factors.

There was a time when link farming and keyword stuffing were enough to get a high rank. Google now wants content that is unique and of high quality. And if you know what people want, you can give Google what it wants. It all comes down to making good products and giving real value. And it is as unique as your target audience. Planning content, researching keywords, and coming up with keywords are all hard things to do.

But SEO-friendly content is not enough. As was already said, technical problems are just as important. It’s also important that people can find you online. That’s why it’s important to build signals through social media and high-quality backlinks from other pages.

Today, SEO also includes making sure that Google sees you as an expert in your field online. This takes a lot of work, especially for new websites that Google hasn’t yet decided to trust.

SEO is hard and takes a lot of skill. For example, you need to know how to use meta tags correctly for SERPs and how to avoid duplicate content, keyword cannibalization, and broken links. You have to be an expert if you want long-term results.

Myth 3: SEO doesn’t cost anything.

Just go online to learn some free tips and tricks for search engine optimization. And give the rest to the person on your team who is available at the time. Things don’t work like this. You don’t have to spend money to get a high keyword search ranking on Google.

SEO means keeping up with the latest changes and trends on Google and the rest of the internet and making changes to your website to match. This will take time and work.

It’s the same with things. When content is made quickly, mistakes are likely to happen. Google won’t help you very much with this. Putting together good content takes time and work.

SEO is rarely done by just one person. Professional SEO methods need a plan, good writing skills, knowledge of technology, and the ability to think critically. In other words, SEO is all about being able to do something. What you can’t do yourself has to be done by someone else. And it will cost money.

SEO can be a costly investment, especially if you are just starting out. Instead of spending money on keywords and activities that won’t bring back much, you should invest in SEO consulting services.

Tip: An SEO Audit is a great place to start focusing your optimization. Keep track of your progress, make changes to your website, and write content for the people you want to reach.

We can help you change your strategy, get more traffic and sales, start a new site, or teach your team new skills.

Myth 4: SEO produces quick results.

If you optimise your site today, it will show up in Google’s search results tomorrow. As good as this sounds, it doesn’t happen very often. If you want your website to rank well, you’ll need a lot of time.

It takes a lot of work to become known online as an expert in your field and to build a natural profile of backlinks from other sites. So, remember that SEO is a long-term project.

Most of the time, your optimization efforts won’t show results right away. Also, when Google makes big changes, the indexing is often changed in big ways. In any case, you should keep an eye on your rankings and stay up-to-date on how Google works.

Google’s paid advertising programme AdWords is the way to go if you want to increase your SERP visibility quickly. On the other hand, it takes time to improve your organic ranking in the long run.

Important takeaways

If you’ve realised that SEO isn’t something you can do on the side, you’ve already won. In reality, SEO is a skill that requires time, work, and skill. Lastly, it needs to be put in the budget. For the best ranking results, you need a good plan and a website that meets all the technical requirements and has good content that really helps your target audience.

Don’t forget how important off-page optimization is. Do things on the internet. Have fun with keywords and other SEO elements. Don’t forget that you’re doing SEO for people, not search engines.

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