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Website Maintenance Services

Well-maintained website content plays a critical role in attracting and retaining customers as well as boosting search engine rankings. Without website maintenance, the performance of your website could diminish over time. Our WordPress Website maintenance plans simply keep that from happening.


We’ll Manage Your Website While You Focus On Your Business

We make website maintenance simple and hassle-free, with various price plans to meet your needs. Website Maintenance is one of our primary services. Therefore, our resources are dedicated to providing you with optimal website maintenance services.

19 Digital Website Maintenance Service


What Do Our Website Maintenance Plans Provide?

Your website is an investment that converts your online visitors into clients. Our reliable, expert website maintenance and care plans ensure your website is properly maintained at all times. A key aspect of your online marketing should be planning your website maintenance effectively. No matter when or who designed your website, our effective WordPress website maintenance keeps your website running smoothly and secure from vulnerabilities.

What Website Maintenance Tasks Are Done?

You get to submit a maintenance ticket, we count each submission for content changes on your website is a task run request. One task run request could contain many individual tasks. All plans include a set number of task run requests available for you to use each month. Based on the plan you select, you can request up to five task runs per month. Task runs do not roll over month to month.

What Our Maintenance & Care Plans Don’t Include

19 Digital WordPress website maintenance plans are not meant to be used as a slow website redesign tool. Significantly altering your WordPress theme, integrating most third-party tools and software, or giving the website a new look-and-feel does not fall under the scope of a maintenance task. We do offer recommendations as part of the maintenance plans and highlight areas that may need improvement. Here is a list of services that would fall outside of the website maintenance plan category.

  • Complete Navigation Redesign
  • New Site Functionality
  • Website Redesign
  • Custom Interactive Features
  • Media Creation
  • Custom Media Edits
  • Content Writing
  • SEO Services

We can help improve your website usability and performance with our website maintenance and care plans.

If you are looking for a complete re-design of your website we strongly suggest you look into our website design services and we’ll be sure to deliver a high-quality website that improves user experience and leads to higher conversion rates.

We are a top WordPress Website Design Agency and provide professional Website Maintenance Services. We are based in Stellenbosch, but service the whole of South Africa.


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