Some of the common SEO questions we always get asked. SEO is generally misunderstood – if you still have questions feel free to get in touch and we’ll help you.

Well, everything starts with a good old fashioned conversation. Feel free to get in touch, ask us your questions, challenges or thoughts and we’ll take it from there. We can talk via email or hop on a video chat or have a normal phone call or we can meet for a coffee in Stellenbosch. Let us know which works for you.

That really is unfortunate and we get that often. Being let down really does leave a bitter taste. Trust and building a strong relationship with our clients is important to us. We also do not offer a set 6 month or 12 month contract. We work hard for your money on a monthly basis to ensure you are not locked into something that you cannot escape from. We have testimonials and reviews on our website, Google My Business etc. They are all real people, with real businesses. Also, we have a very transparent approach to our SEO – you’ll be able to keep tabs on everything we’re doing.

We have years of SEO experience under our belts. Besides building and developing websites, we are SEO specialists. We do this daily (and often nightly). Staying up-to-date with the latest in search changes is all part of the job.

Yes, we can stop at anytime. We managed to get you ranking for some of your keywords but don’t forget about the rest. What about your other services or new search intent keywords customers are now using? Getting you on page one is step one, but we want to continue helping you build your empire with rankings and not stopping for the view.

Backlinks are highly effective. Unfortunately, spammy, unrelated and low quality backlinks are harmful to your rankings and won’t make a difference. We offer high quality and manual backlinks and link building opportunities. We also look into golden Digital PR opportunities to help you get right in front of your ideal clients or to help you target a new audience.

Firstly, SEO never stops and can be rather exhausting. You can’t just SEO a site and expect it to go all the way to the top. SEO is a continuous development process, and if you want to be at the top of Google results, you need a strong SEO strategy and a consistent implementation process.

We work across a number of industries, freelancers and business owners – anything from eCommerce, service providers, law firms to eLearning platforms and more. Our clients are based throughout South Africa, from Stellenbosch to Johannesburg and anything in between.

Ha. No. The same way that you don’t work for free neither do we. We are professionals, we have testimonials and clients who can attest to our services. If you want a tester, get in touch and you could qualify for a free SEO audit.

I’m afraid that’s not possible – not even Google can do that. We can promise to build a fantastic SEO strategy geared to your business. Quality SEO is a long game, instant successes and results aren’t guaranteed. With all that said, we have always gotten our clients on to page one – if that helps.

Dipping in and out of SEO doesn’t work and usually, it can make things worse. We only work with people who really are ready to invest in their business. Good SEO takes time, anything less than 6 months, won’t provide sustainable results.

Well, yes, but soon you’ll find yourself at the bottom. Trying to trick Google with black-hat or spammy type SEO tactics will eventually lead to you losing all your rankings. We work with Google. What Google wants, how Google wants it, is how we deliver it.

You most definitely can. We work with clients who don’t have the time or want a specialist to do it so they can focus on running their business and avoid the never-ending SEO hassle.


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