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I have met many people who think digital marketing is simply about a few social media posts and ‘voila!’. Unfortunately, digital marketing is a lot more and has so much more to offer than just that. Our main focus at 19 Digital for using digital marketing is growth hacking. Growth hackers have a strong focus on growing businesses.

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So, what is growth hacking?

You might think it all comes down to one awesome idea and bam: Instant growth – You are wrong. Sorry!

Digital marketing mainly increases brand awareness and encourage audience engagement to promote products or services they provide. Growth hackers take every aspect of the sales funnel to find the best strategies to grow. They find new ways to acquire new customers and retain them at low-cost expenses. While finding ways to reach new audiences sounds like marketing, growth hackers take the extra steps to reach defined goals and exceed expectations.

There are no limitations to growth hacking, and these tech-savvy professionals rely on data-driven results to guide their way. A/B testing and conversion optimization are crucial to growth hacking success, and it allows companies to see where improvement is needed.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is online marketing a product or service. Digital marketers focus on the relationship between a brand and its customers in order to gain the trust needed for future conversions. Successful digital marketers are skilled at acquiring new customers (or users) and increasing brand awareness. Creating resourceful content, utilizing SEO strategies and social media engagement help digital marketers reach marketing goals.

There are many phases to a customer’s journey through the sales funnel. However, digital marketing plays a huge role in getting the brand in front of their audience and creating a desire for the product/service. This is also known as the first step in the sales funnel—Awareness.

Some of the key players in digital marketing include:

Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing

We’ve covered what each role entails, let’s dive into how these similar roles differ from each other. These two marketing-based professions have similar responsibilities, but their objectives are unique. When the two are used together it can yield fruitful results for businesses and their short-term as well as sustainable long-term growth.

Digital marketing advantages

Digital marketers utilize many digital platforms to get their message across. They take advantage of social media and email marketing opportunities to engage with their audience. The companies they work for provide the capital they need to carry out successful campaigns and pay website traffic using PPC campaigns. As a result, digital marketers have the funds at their disposal to help them achieve the goals they have set in place.

Growth hacking Advantages

Growth hackers are typically associated with small to medium companies that are looking for exponential growth. Instead of finding ways to market a product/service to meet your audience’s needs, growth hackers rely on the product itself.

Take Uber, a rideshare car service that gets people without a car where they need to be, and those with a car the money they need to earn, as an example. Genius.

Growth hackers work across different departments including marketing, sales and product development. They do not limit their responsibilities and they do what it takes to stimulate the growth they need. This unique objective requires someone who is tech savvy and well-versed in marketing. Rather than looking to achieve small marketing goals, they wear many hats to achieve growth across the board.

some tips to consider

We’ll share five things with you to help you with your growth hacking venture. The below tips should help you understand the growth hacking journey.

1. Value Digital Marketing

Growth hackers do not ignore the marketing strategies that have proven a success. Growth hackers are deeply involved in content marketing and analytics. They dive deep into content performance and how users are responding to the companies campaigns. Information that is obtained through marketing channels provide the necessary information growth hackers need to design better growth strategies.

2. Data and results

Growth hackers are analytical and live on data-driven results. Everything a growth hacker does is based on results from a test they set up. What is important to understand is that growth hackers need to see how the company is performing so that they can adjust their efforts for success.

Just as a digital marketer will track a new blog’s performance and then edit and revise the content to improve the results, a growth hacker does the same to improve the results in every area of the company.

3. Product Target Market

Product target market is when you have a product (or service) that perfectly meets the needs of a specific audience. When your product doesn’t meet these expectations, you will know. You want to worry less about convincing the consumer of your product’s credibility and more on how to scale the business. Working with a product that checks every box for the consumer makes it easy for growth hackers to succeed.

Ways you can tell you have created product target market fit is increased word-of-mouth marketing. Products and services that work don’t require much marketing because your consumers are already doing it for you. Your customers will want to share their good experience with others and allow others to do the same with your brand.

4. Different Business, different strategy

Last but not least, be aware that not everyone’s growth hack will be the same. Each industry and business has its own individual identity and requires something different. Be sure to not look at other successful growth hacking companies and wonder why their strategies aren’t working for you.

Keep in mind the importance of testing, and rely on your company’s results to determine your next plan of attack.

Wrap it up

While the differences between growth hacking & digital marketing are minimal, the approach is vastly different. We hope the description of the two provides clarity, and the tips on growth hacking offer you the wisdom you’ll need before jumping in.

Growth hacking sounds like it’s complicated, but it’s more common sense than anything else.

If you’re dedicated and make use of the right tools, growth hacking is within your reach. Startups have historically seen anywhere from 300-2,000% increases in business, scaling during the digital age like never before, using growth hacking techniques.

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