SEO Content Writing Services

Content is king. SEO Copywriting includes the words on your website, such as web copy, product pages, category pages, and most importantly blogs and articles. Copywriting and content plays a key role in any SEO campaign.


SEO Copywriting Services

If you’re looking for SEO-driven copywriting services, look no further than 19 Digital, the number 1 SEO agency in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We specialize in creating powerful SEO copy that hits keywords and targets your ideal customer, driving successful SEO campaigns.

SEO Copywriting Services 19 Digital
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Content Focused On Your Target Audience

SEO copywriting is more than just good writing. It’s about understanding what people are searching for and using the right keywords to help you rank higher in search engines. Content without the right keywords simply will not be displayed by Google when returning results.

19 Digital will blend the skill of writing good content and the technicalities of SEO. having fresh content is good for your website, your rankings and your target audience.


Keyword Research Focused

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO copywriting. Without targeting the right keywords, or the ones that people are actually searching for, your article will never rank. A 1500 word article means nothing if there are no keywords to back it up.

We’ll make use of your SEO campaign and our search intent keyword research to find what people are using including how often they’re searched.

SEO Content that reads well but ranks even better.

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SEO Copywriting Services


SEO Copywriting Services

19 Digital copywriting services is more than just writing, it’s backed by our SEO research and data based on trends and user’s searches.

Your articles will be optimised for Google’s web crawlers. The heading structure will be designed to improve your content’s ranking. There will be internal and external links to further boost the visibility on searches of your content.

Remove the guess work. 19 Digital can save you time and hassle by taking care of all your content needs. You don’t have to worry about writing something that makes sense, flows well, and has all the right keywords and links. Just trust us to deliver great content every month.


Optimised for SEO

Title tags help search engines to identify the content on your pages, meta descriptions help people understand what to expect and encourages them to view it.

We’ll research the best words to use and then generate content that’s easy to read.

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Tracking The Data

19 Digital will keep track of everything we do to help you get positive results for your SEO campaign.

Our monthly reports we give will showcase the steps we’ve taken with you to help your organic growth and become Google friendly. We’ll suggest articles, blogs and content changes so you’ll always know what’s being done.


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