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Understanding the keywords or search queries your customers are actually using. Our keyword research is focused on search intent. SEO Keyword Research focused on keywords that will help you rank and drive traffic.


Our Keyword Research Service

Making sure that the right keywords are chosen is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. You need to target the keywords that your customers are actually using.

We’ll hone in on the top keywords your ideal customers are searching for at every part of the sales funnel: from the keywords they use in the research phase, all the way up to the keywords they use when primed and ready to buy.

We’ll also review the sales opportunities for each phrase (determined by search volume) and achievability (determined by difficulty). We’ll also research your top competitors to see what keywords they’re ranking for and use all this to form a strong SEO Campaign.

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What Do People Search online?

We have a search intent focus when it comes to our keyword research for any SEO campaign. Our belief is that a great SEO journey begins by targeting the right keywords and good in-depth keyword research. The 4 types of search intentions are of prime importance – informational searches, navigational searches, transactional searches and branding or commercial searches. Understanding this, will help us get your website in front of the right target audience at the optimal time.

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User Focused SEO Research

We use empathy to begin understanding what the online user is searching for to indentify your business online.

19 Digital will combine your business goals with the users behaviors for your industry or niche to provide results where your customers will find you and have their questions / concerns answered at the same time.

Maybe it is about time to stop creating just to have new content. It is time to have SEO focused content that helps your business grow.


Keyword Research That Works

When we identify why people are searching for your business, we can create keywords and content idea to match the search intent.

Using in-depth keyword research to optimise your content and improve your rankings on Google. We have the SEO know-how to dissect the queries and identify the intent behind them.

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South African SEO Services

We find Organic Opportunities

We are a proudly South African WordPress Website Design & SEO Agency based in Stellenbosch. We understand that you are busy building your business empire but are curious about improving your digital landscape. We’ll work with you every step of the way during your SEO journey to success.

  • We’ll create a tailored SEO strategy
  • SEO campaign aligned with your business
  • Build your website reputation
  • Simplify SEO while delivering results


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