Technical SEO Audits

Where SEO really starts. We provide in-depth SEO audit of your website to help us identify opportunities to improve your rankings and identify problems that need to be addressed.


Where We Like To Start

Are you tired of your websites low rankings on Google search results (SERP) or that your business, services and products do not appear on searches?

Our technical SEO audit can shed light on how to move forward and what needs to be addressed. We can help you break bad SEO habits, identify what’s holding you back and we can create an SEO strategy that will help propel you to page one.

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technical seo audit strategy


SEO Website Audit

With a thorough technical SEO audit of your website we will be able to construct an effective SEO strategy.

You may be eligible to receive a complimentary website audit with us. If you have a complicated website we’ll propose an affordable fee. A good seo website audit should include the following:

  • Technical SEO Overview
  • On-Page SEO Overview
  • Off-Page SEO Overview
  • Page Speed & Accessibility
  • Local SEO
  • Competitor Analysis


SEO Implementation

Once we get started, we’ll implement an effective SEO strategy for you. We’ll work hard to make sure that your entire site is search engine friendly. We’ll do this with a combination of crawl and digital tools our technical SEO skills.

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data driven seo services 19 digital


Data-Driven SEO Services

We check all data and metrics across a number of tools and software to ensure that the results are accurate. Keyword and term data accuracy is of importance to any SEO strategy that we implement. We use the relevant data to understand where these terms are coming from and what we need to capture more of.


Harnessing Your Data

Just getting data is one thing but knowing what that data means and what to do next is key. As well as our detailed technical SEO audits we track your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data and help you understand and keep track of your traffic with our monthly meetings.

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Complete SEO Services


We’re proud to work with diverse people across various industries. We strongly believe the digital environment has opportunities for everyone and we strive to make these strategies available to all. Get in touch with us to see how our SEO Services can help you.

Startup | SMEs | Entrepreneurs

Small Business SEO

Whether you are an entrepreneur, startup or small to medium business we can assist you with your SEO needs, catered towards your business, its budget and niche.

Online Shop | Products | Memberships

eCommerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is important for your website because you want to rank in search results when people are looking for the product you’re selling. Let your products bring traffic.

SEO Copywriting | Blogs | Articles | Pages

SEO Content Writing

SEO Copywriting includes the words on your website, such as web copy, product pages, category pages, and most importantly blogs and articles. Because content is king.

Large Websites | Corporate Sites

Enterprise SEO

Helping you scale up your efforts to manage a large amount of pages and content – an enterprise SEO Audit can identify what to work on to improve your organic revenue. 


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