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Google looks at factors outside of your website as well. Backlinks help get your site ranking higher and more effectively. Backlink Acquisition Services that will help you drive traffic and rank.


Backlink SEO services

Important to any SEO campaign is building backlinks (a link from a 3rd party website to yours). This is considered as “votes” for your site by search engines.

19 Digital will look into backlink opportunities that we’ll use to help build your backlinking profile. We look into a number of areas like, citations, digital PR and defenitely

Let us build your backlinks for a winning SEO campagn.

Link Building SEO services by 19 Digital
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What Are backlinks?

Basically, backlinks are 3rd websites that link back to your site. Refer a link back to your website. Backlinks are a ranking signal to Google. High quality backlinks can boost your SEO, visibility and search results. Using white hat backlink SEO techniques are best to ensure that the best quality results are achieved.

You can fast track this but the results only fly under the radar for a short period of time and in the end, your rankings can come crashing down. We only work with Google, using the latest techniques to achieve sustainable SEO results.


Build Quality Links

We use best practice SEO tactics and offer other SEO services to get you valuable backlinks. We’ll earn you inbound links that are effective to your SEO campaign, niche and industry.

Link building is often time consuming, so we’ll spend the time building up a link building network that works specifically for you.

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Digital PR

Digital PR is a marketing strategy used to build your site authority and brand awareness. This type of SEO technique is transforming the digital landscape and has a huge impact on your SEO strategy and rankings.

  • High DA Score
  • High Organic Traffic
  • Follow Links
  • Media Outlets & Editorial Style Content


Off Page SEO Strategy

Build credible backlinks with a SEO strategy in mind. A strong SEO backlink strategy should include, Journalist Outreach or Digital PR, Competitor Backlink Analysis, Guest Post Opportunities and Citation Listing Opportunities. All of these will some up some of the off-page ranking factors displayed below.

  • Number of Linking Domains
  • Amount Of Linking Pages
  • Backlink Domain Authority
  • Backlink Diversity
  • Do-Follow vs No-Follow Links
  • Contextual & Anchor Links


Key Backlinks To Boost Rankings & Traffic

This type of SEO strategy definitely improves your brand awareness and helps you reach a much wider audience. Backlink Acquisition is one of the biggest components of Off-Site SEO.

Digital PR is a backlink acquisition strategy, and backlinks are a key component for your SEO ranking. These backlinks bring qualified traffic with higher chances of conversions.

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South African SEO Services

We find Organic Opportunities

We are a proudly South African WordPress Website Design & SEO Agency based in Stellenbosch. We understand that you are busy building your business empire but are curious about improving your digital landscape. We’ll work with you every step of the way during your SEO journey to success.

  • We’ll create a tailored SEO strategy
  • SEO campaign aligned with your business
  • Build your website reputation
  • Simplify SEO while delivering results


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