website to survive lockdown

Lockdown Survival Kit

Here are some important reasons to get a website NOW to survive the lockdown period and ensure your business comes out better at the end of it.

lockdown website survival kit

We are in unprecedented times in South Africa and these are times of change. With the exponential development of “Covid-19” or “RONA” pandemic which is affecting the entire global population and forcing society to alter their way of life. Governments have taken action around the world to put the safety and interests of their citizens first. Many have ordered work to stop, businesses to close or to operate remotely and requested that people stay at home in order to help flatten the curve and spread of the virus.

These restrictions to movement have numerous consequences for all aspects of our daily life. One of the most crucial areas to protect in these times, is business. The workforce is in lockdown, customers are forced to stay in their homes, face to face meetings are now impossible; greeting customers personally, and all other necessary interactions in business are now seemingly impossible, causing global concern and stifling the growth of business everywhere.

Fortunately, we live in the digital era and the age of technology where the internet is now a vital tool in keeping the world connected. It provides the perfect way to inform the public updated. Your business needs to benefit from this method of interaction with the wider population. Having an online presence is vital when it comes to conducting business in the modern era and helps your business survive and navigate the restrictive measures. Here are some reasons a websie presence is fundamental to surviving this lockdown period:

Importance Of Location … Your Website!

The WWW (world wide web) or internet has become the only meaningful place for people to interact and has become the new norm. Having a digital presence is no more a supportive business element but the only available stream of communication for the foreseeable future. The winds of change and for South Africa to accept the change to the vastly powerful digital era is here in a rather dark time. Having a beautifully designed and maintained website allows customers and potential customers to interact with your business. This has now become the portal for call for all enquiries – from schools, universities and now business – to proceed in the current climate and will give your business the power to make known that you are still operating and able to cater to your clients.

Keeping Up-To-Date

Having a website and a web presence allows you to stay in touch with your customer base and provide important updates about the business, your current work, future projects and any rearrangements that need to take place. The importance of a website opens important channels of communication, like online support, a chat box on your website and even something as simple as FAQ’s or Q&A section for your business saving your clients stress but also minimising client concerns. We are learning new information daily and if it affects your business letting customers know timelessly is effective in keeping things moving. Social Media offers a fantastic way to keep clients in the loop, learn more about our social media services here. Integrating your social media platforms with your website is also a great way to keep your online community informed and interacting with your business regularly.  

Stay Open 24/7/365

During these unprecedented and trying times you find yourself unable to greet your customers or clients, meaning the ability to sell your business to them is severely limited – a well-designed website can do that for you, providing all the information your clients need to get the best service from your business AND your website stays live and available always – it does not close like a 9-5 business would. You can add detailed information which gives your clients the ability to choose the best service from your business from an informed point of view. You can allow for clients to book an online meeting with you via video call or conference call systems and so much more. Websites are also an excellent tool for upselling additional services your customers may benefit from but not have previously considered.

Lockdown: Opportunity For Growth?

Your business having a dedicated online presence informs customers of your services and lets them know how to contact you or stay in touch is important to keep business up and running. Adapting your business to accommodate the new restrictions in place, you could grow your business through providing services that customers can use during these restricted times, for example: opening an online store, creating ordering systems or providing a live chat/support tool function. This lockdown period is offering you and your business the chance to innovate and change the way it operates by growing online – while leeping you a step ahead of your competitors. We recommend our website design services to rely on and trust to help your business grow online, learn more about our website design services.

Business For The Future

More and more, we see businesses and educational institutions are being moved online. A website presence can connect businesses and clients globally, removing issues such as time differences and conflicting business hours.  You could be missing out on unknown numbers of potential customers without an online presence – With such a large portion of the earth’s population currently in Lockdown, can you really afford allow the movement restriction to affect your business? Reaching out to customers online is an untapped source of potential leads and has such ability to develop your brand for the modern age keeping your business relevant to your customers. Future proof your business.

Having a website presence allows your business to take on the challenging climate that’s been imposed on society and gives you the power to promote and provide services to your customers despite being restricted. The importance of allowing your business to continue to stay visible, present and top of mind for potential clients, providing an indispensable way to progress your business and keeping a few steps ahead of your closest competition.

Yes, we are in uncertain times but humans have survived and overcome obstacles throughout our history in South Africa. We have always had an uncanny ability to adapt or survive in South Africa except this time, we have the internet and access to technology that has provided a much needed lifeline and given us the chance to continue our interactions. You’ll be able to keep interacting with your customer base, reach a wider audience and most importantly enable you to keep your brand relevant and known within your sector. The internet will prove crucial to the way people communicate in the coming months until normality is restored, your business should be a part of this.

Since you got this far – we are offering you a 20% discount to all businesses during lockdown to help them to go online. See our service offering here.

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