19 Digital SEO Brief

Below you will be able to access our SEO brief. The brief has been created for us to grab an initial brief from you for the project – be it for a business website or an eCommerce store or developed on WordPress, Wix, Shopify or any other platform we can help you improve your SEO rankings.

Take a few minutes and complete the brief requirements with as much detail as you like. After completing the brief we can send you a quote or we’ll arrange a phone call / Google Meeting to discuss the projects brief in more depth.

Basic Info

Firstly, let’s take some time and get some of your basic information before diving into the SEO brief in more detail.

SEO Info

Secondly, let’s grab some of your current SEO information and prior SEO experience.

SEO Service Requirements

Lastly and finally, let’s take a look at some of the SEO services you require and let’s look at how we can make it a success.

  • Basic Information
  • SEO Information
  • SEO Requirements

Your Information

Business Information

SEO Info

Do you have a web developer or designer that you use?

Do you have a Google Analytics account, Google Search Console and a Google My Business Profile setup?

SEO Requirements

What kind of SEO service do you require?

What are your primary objectives and KPIs when it comes to SEO?