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What Is Local SEO?

If you’ve heard or read anything about Internet marketing , you’ve probably heard the term “Search Engine Optimisation” or “SEO”. Search Engine Optimization is the process used to help gain a higher position for your website and or blog in what is commonly known as an organic or Search Engine Representation Pages like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Local SEO, is a branch of SEO, and focuses on the process of targeting an audience that is located in the same geographical area as you are. You need to optimise your website or business for that area. Read our blog on Local SEO. For an example: Search for “seo digital marketing agency Stellenbosch” in google, if you scroll past the paid ads, you’ll find us ranking first.

Expert Google Local SEO Service

Our local SEO experts will implement Local SEO techniques and services to launch and drive your websites local search rankings to search engines. This is a highly specialized digital marketing service provided to improve your brand reputation, visibility by ranking high on Google and drive high quality leads to your business.

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Guaranteed to boost your local SEO.

Your competitors won’t know what hit them when you dominate the local SEO pack.
As a  trusted SEO digital marketing agency in Stellenbosch,
it’s really a no-brainer if you want to really get more clients through Google My Business.

Let us give your business the local SEO boost it deserves.

Affordable & result-driven Local SEO service

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section if you have any questions regarding results, our process, working with you and to touch base on our contracts.Our specialised Local SEO service is a digital marketing service used to effectively drive organic traffic and increase conversions.

The key performance indicators are organic website traffic and search engine rankings. 

Our local SEO service can reflect immediate result depending on competition and industry – it takes time. It can take up to 30-60 days to get clear visible results. 

On our private google map maker account, it is global.

Sure we can! Usually most of the world’s countries except for a few that the language is difficult.

Citation are any place your business’ NAPW (Name, Address, Phone number, Website URL) information appears together online.

We will assign an SEO specialist to your account. This person will be your main point of contact. This person is trained in search engine optimization and is likely to have experience in helping clients move up the rankings. This is to ensure that you receive quality work and to resolve tough situations.

Basically yes, unless its adult or gaming.

This is guaranteed to raise your Ahrefs Rank (AR) . This shows the target website’s position among all other websites in ahrefs.com database rated by the “strength” of their backlink profiles.


Yes, we will develop backlinks through a combination of 1) outreach to blogs and publications to get your website featured in their content 2) writing engaging blogs and 3) increasing social shares and exposure.

19 Digital offers this local SEO service as a once off service with definite results. You should definitely see an increase in your Local SEO rankings and potential changes to your overall SEO ranking. You choose the plan, we will work on the plan and conduct tracking and provide you with a report at the end of the Local SEO service term.

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